I am the Lord, and I am shaking those things that need to be shaken so you, My Church, can move into the destiny that I have called you to. I am doing a work in you to bring you to the place you need to be so you can enter into those things that you will need to carry out the destiny that I have spoken over you.

I have called you to be warriors of My kingdom. I have not called you to be timid or introverted. I have called you to higher things. I will instill in you a boldness that man or the enemy cannot stand against. My truth will go forward, and prevail.

The days of doing “church” as it has been done are over. It’s time for My Church to crossover into My agenda that I have for them to follow. Those who are serious about following Me, and are heart ready will crossover. Those who are procrastinating will go around the mountain again, until they submit to My agenda and follow Me.

I will not have those in My kingdom army that are not fully committed to take up their cross, and follow Me. This is not for the timid, or the faint of heart, or those who are pushing their own agendas. I am creating Honest-to-God warriors who will not flinch or fail. They will have hearts of lions. The spirit of the living God resides in their hearts, and minds, and they are unafraid to follow Me.

I am a God of love, but I am also a Warrior King. I fully intend to take back what is mine, and those who are committed to follow Me I will honor. Promotion is coming to those whose hearts are sold out to the King of kings. This is not a far-off thing. You are in the season of Kingdom activation and promotion. I will follow-through, and you will see the proof of this very soon.


Daddy God

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