My children, don’t give up. It’s coming, and it is very close.

Many words of prophecy have been spoken recently, and some of you have been waiting to see a breakthrough in your lives. The question is: “When, Lord, when?” I know it has been a trying time for many of you, but as your Lord, I want you to be at peace for you have not missed it. This will manifest in My timing.

I know that many of you are weary, and I am aware of this. I speak My peace over you. Come, and lay down by the still waters. Let My rod, and staff comfort you for I am with you.

I have not forgotten or forsaken you, and you will see those things that I have spoken over you come to be a reality in your lives. The enemy has tried to discourage you with his lies that it will never happen. I am the Lord, and what I have decreed, and declared over your lives will come to pass. It will be as I have spoken it! The enemy, and man cannot stop what I have spoken over you.

So be at peace, My children. Rest in My truth that I have declared over you. Trust me to take you to the destiny that I have designed just for you.

My heart is to complete the good work that I have started in you, and I fully intend to do just that. You can count on Me, your Lord, to come through for you.


Daddy God

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