Lead: (1) To guide on a way. (2) To run in a specified direction. (3) To direct the operations. (4) To go at the head of. (5) To tend toward a definite result.

My children, the days of sitting on the bench are over. I have called you to higher things. A higher way of bringing My kingdom to earth.The old ways of doing things in My Church will not work with what I am bringing. It is incompatible with the new wine I am bringing. You cannot receive this new wine with old wineskins.

I am calling you to be flexible, and pliable for I am bringing things that will change the way church is done. My Church will not look the same as it does right now. I am about to change things up. I have called you to be a church of excellence. I will infuse My Church with a spirit of kingdom excellence that will bring her into a maturity that she needs to be at in order for her to fulfill the destiny that I have spoken over her. I am a God of destinies. I have set My agenda firmly in place, and it will not be shaken or moved.

My children, do not be afraid for I am for you, not against you. Trust Me to lead you to the place where I want you to be. My heart is to lead you to green pastures, and still waters, and to restore your soul. I will guide you in paths of righteousness for My name’s sake, (Psalms 23). This means you have My word on it. I will follow through for I am faithful to complete the good work I have started in you.

So be at peace, My children, for I know your frame, and I know your heart. Trust Me to finish the good work I have started in you.


Daddy God

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