I am adamant about bringing My kingdom to earth.

I will achieve all that I have spoken over the nations, My Church, and creation. I never speak in vain, and My word will come to pass. What is it that is mysterious about this? Have I not made it clear enough, and understandable? My kingdom is coming, and it will be all that I said it would be. The enemy (satan), and man will not stop Me.

My Church, are you ready to be equipped, and enabled to carry out the destiny that I, your Lord, have spoken over you? This requires a total commitment to Me. It cannot work any other way. I am the one who will lead you, and prepare the way you should go. I have a plan that is fail proof. It is based on My love for My Church, and My creation.

I have not forgotten My promises, nor have I been idle. In the heavens there has been war. This has taken place to clear the way for My will, and My way. You have seen the ramifications of this in the natural. I am bringing correction to those things that run contrary to My will, and I am doing it My way. Through this you are going to experience a manifestation of My love for you who are seeking My will and My ways. This manifestation will bring those things that will equip you for success in the days ahead.

My children, know that I am God, that My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and My ways are higher than your ways.

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Daddy God

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