Despite what you see going on around you the best is yet to come. My children, have you not heard? Have not My prophets spoken of your future? I am on the move, and you will see the proof of this in the near future. I am about to release things that can only come from Me, your Lord. This is not a manmade thing, but  a spirit made thing. In this release I will bring things that will be a game changer for My Church.

Many are weary, and are in doubt of My promises, but I tell you it is at hand. The reality of My Kingdom is at your doorstep. This will be an outpouring of My love, and truth over My children. I am calling you out of the wilderness. It’s time to take possession of those things that I have spoken over you. I am shouting Release, Release, Release of those things that will propel you into your Kingdom destiny. I am a God of My word, and what I have spoken over you will come to pass.

I am releasing the spirit of Elijah over My Church. You will have authority as he had authority. The only difference is that you will not run from Jezebel. I am putting into you a warrior spirit. You will operate in this spirit as you confront the lies of the enemy. You will speak My truth to those things that have bound up the lost. My truth will set them free so they, too, can move forward into the destiny that I have created for them.

My heart is to see My Church, and creation walk out their destinies in the fullness, and love that I have for them. I have not forgotten you. I fully intend to carry out all that I have spoken over you. That day is at hand!

So be encouraged, loved ones. You truly are contenders for the Kingdom of God.


Daddy God

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