My Church, I have called you to higher things. Your glory days are before you. I am bringing the glory, and the truth of My Kingdom to My Church, and creation. Do not settle for “as is”. This is not where I want you to be. Seek, and press into My truth, and glory.

I know there are a lot of things going on, but do not let this be a distraction. Don’t fall for “things that will never change” or “it’s impossible”. These words are not My will or My way. I am speaking the reality of My Kingdom over you. Am I not the Lord of hosts? Are there any impossibilities that I cannot handle? Your finite minds cannot grasp the power, and authority of My lordship. You look at the things that the enemy is doing, and say, “How can we overcome that?” Look to Me, My loved ones.

It’s by My spirit that you will become overcomer’s. I have set you up for victory. My truth will come to pass for what I have spoken will come into fruition. It’s not a maybe, but it is a Yes, and Amen. I want you to lay down your fears, and pick up My truth that I have spoken over you. You need to know My heart that the truth of My words over you resides there for My desire is to give you a future, and a hope.

I have not called you to be in despair, or to walk in any kind of poverty. My heart is to be your Heavenly Father, and My goal is to bring as many into My Kingdom who would choose to accept the truth of My word. I have given My creation the way, the truth, and the life through My son Jesus.

The days of Kingdom glory are ahead for those who accept the truth that I have spoken over them. It’s yours if you want it. Be at peace, and trust Me to bring it to fruition.


Daddy God

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