It’s about time for turnaround. I am activating a turnaround time. I am releasing new ideas, and strategies to My people. I am restoring those things that the enemy has stolen from you, including time. I am giving resources out for the expansion of My Kingdom.

It’s time, My loved ones, to wake up to the realities of My Kingdom. It’s activation time of those things that I am releasing to My Bride. I have called you to higher things. Lay down your agendas, and follow My agenda. The days of wait, and see are over. I want you to taste, and see the goodness of the Lord. It’s a new time, a release time, no more delay, for My word will come to pass.

I am bringing My Church to the forefront. She will no longer play second fiddle to the activities of man or the enemy. I am out to change the culture of nations, and I will do that through My Church. I am after the hearts of My creation. I want them to see, and experience the heart of their creator Father, and the truth that I have spoken over them both individually, and corporately.

I have redeemed the time so that My Church can come into the destiny that I have spoken over her. I do this for the sake of My children, and creation for My love, and word will stand. I am a God of truth, and My word will come to completion despite the plans of man or the enemy.

My love, and word are a sure thing. It is foundational, and true. You can trust it, and stand on it. Just know, My children, you are loved, and My plans for you will go forward for it is time.


Daddy God

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