Look ahead, My Church, look ahead. Do not gauge your future by your present, or by your past. I have spoken your future over you, and it is good. It is good, because I have made it so. Your mind, and heart set will change very soon, because of the testimony of My Spirit.

You will see, and taste the goodness of the Lord for I am He who formed you. It is by My Spirit that you will see, and experience the goodness of the Lord. I have called you to higher things. Surrender your all, and follow Me. What I am taking you to will be far more than what you would ever accomplish going your own way.

Pick up your cross, and follow Me for My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and My ways are higher than your ways. I am bringing to you a Kingdom mentality. A way of thinking that will change the way you look at things. You will see value as I see value. It’s called Kingdom Values. It’s a mind, and heart set of what it is like to walk in My Kingdom. You will be lovers of everything Kingdom. This will be your highest priority. Everything you do will reflect My Kingdom, and the love I have for My creation.

I have called you out to be the true Bride of Christ with a new mind, and heart of how, and when to commit acts of love toward My creation. As your Lord, I am committed to partner with you in this. The question is, Are you ready to partner with Me to bring My Kingdom to earth? The time is now, My loved ones.

Do not settle for less than what I have called you to. Choose wisely, and follow My Kingdom call for the best is yet to come.


Daddy God

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