My children, I am the Lord your God. I have seen, and heard your prayers, and petitions. I have not forgotten you. I have answers for you that will fulfill your Kingdom destinies.

I have called you to a higher place, a place that you will naturally walk in the supernatural. Your focus will be on Me, your Lord, and My agenda. This is a place of trust, and rest. You are to trust Me to take you where you need to be, and rest in the answers that I will provide for you. I will take you, and equip you for the days ahead. Draw close to Me, loved ones. Do not be afraid or doubtful of My goodness. I am taking you to new levels of intimacy with Me.

The days ahead will be far greater than your past. I am raising up My Church to be My warrior bride. I am calling you to be fearless, and relentless in the pursuit of My Kingdom. I am more than able to raise you up. Do not define yourselves by your past. I see your future, and I know the outcome. It is written that you will be victorious. The enemy is trying to stop My Church, but he will not succeed. By the word of My Spirit I have called you to victory. I am more than able to do this so trust, and rest in Me.

Do not be alarmed or afraid  of what you see going on around you. I have set the foundation of history according to My will. I have already spoken My destiny over you, and My creation. Be at peace, and abide in Me for I am taking you places that are well beyond your expectations. Your kingdom destiny is ahead. It is not a far off thing. Trust, and rest in Me to take you there.


Daddy God

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