There is a time coming, very soon, that will be a game changer. Many of you are weary of the wait. You have heard many words of a release of My Kingdom over you, and these words are true. My plans and purposes for you will come to pass. I have not held back, but I am preparing you for your future as the Bride of Christ.

I am the Lord, and what I have decreed, and declared over you, and others will come into play very soon. I have not forgotten you or My promises, and prophesies that have been spoken over you, and others. My word is My bond that I must fulfill for I am a God of My word.

My children, do not lose heart. Be encouraged for what I am releasing to you will be a game changer. You are about to be inundated with My Kingdom character mindset that will remove the fear of man, and the enemy. You will see past the fear, and see My truth that I have spoken over you, and My creation. I will give you boldness beyond your comprehension to bring My Kingdom to the lost. You will speak My truth with great confidence that no one will be able to stand against.

I will equip you with the resources of My Kingdom that will back up the truth about Me, and My Kingdom. It will reflect My heart toward My creation that as their Heavenly Father they are greatly loved, and that I want to give them a future, and a hope through My Son Jesus. I have provided a way for them to have an eternal relationship with Me, their creator.

You, My children, are entering into the greatest call of My Kingdom, and it is at hand. There will be no more delay for My plans will go forward as I have spoken them.


Daddy God

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