It’s time, My children, it’s time. A general release of My spirit over My creation. In the weeks, and months ahead you will see an activation of My spirit over you. I will bring things to you on a corporate and individual level. This is not more of the same. I am restoring relationship to those who are adrift. I am the anchor who will bring My truth to them. They will know the love of the Father. They will know that I am true, and steadfast in My relationship with them, and so it is with you, My loved ones. I am drawing you closer to Me, your Lord, to a much closer relationship.

I am your source, and I will equip you to be able to overcome the giants in the land. I am creating many Davids who will be unafraid, and they will operate in My spirit. They will speak My truth over the land, and I will establish My Kingdom. These are My Kingdom warriors. They are the ones who rest in Me, and know My heart toward them. The battle is Mine, and I shall overcome. I have spoken a destiny of victory over My Church. Can it come out any other way? I am the Lord, and My word is firmly established. What I decree, and declare will come to pass. So be at peace, My loved ones.

Know that your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you. You are always before Me. I see, and hear your prayers, and petitions even those things that you have given up on or forgotten. I will bring My justice to those things that the enemy has robbed you of. I will restore those things that belong to you. Those things that I have spoken over you.

It is time, My children, for My Kingdom fulfillment over you. Know that My heart is for you, and I want the best for you. Trust Me, My children, and rest in My truth.


Daddy God

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