In the days ahead, I will prove myself to My Church, and creation. I will move in ways that will leave no doubt about who I am. I will turn things around in such a way that people will ask, “How is this possible?” Many things that you see going on now will be answered in the coming days.

The days of destiny are straight ahead, and those who have been waiting, and seeking Me will not be disappointed. I am about to launch My counter attack to all that the enemy is trying to do. I am removing the walls of weariness that My people have encountered. I am replacing your weariness with joy, and you will move forward in the strength of the Lord. For I am your strength and salvation.

Rest in Me, My loved ones, for the battle is not yours, but it is Mine, and I will prevail. Trust Me to take you to places that you thought were unattainable. I will release many things that will turn the table on the enemy, and equip you to take the land.

These are the days of destiny fulfillment. I am cutting My eagles loose to soar at heights that will profound worldly wisdom. I am making the impossible possible. I will raise up what needs to be raised up, and put down what needs to be put down. I will expose what needs to be exposed, and I will hide what needs to be hidden.

In the next few weeks see Me move in such a way it will leave you in awe of who I am, and what I can do. I am the Lord God, and what I have spoken over you will come to pass. Who can stop Me? Am I not the Lord? Know that you are loved, and I have not forgotten you. Destiny days are ahead!


Daddy God

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