Hallelujah: Praise the Lord, used to express praise, joy or thanks.

Jubilation: Exaltation, expressing great joy.

Get ready, My children, for expressions of joy for I am releasing those things that will bring great joy into your lives. Those things that you thought were impossible or dead to you I am breathing life on the impossible, and those things that look dead to you. I am releasing things that will change your circumstances for the better.

Those of you who are ready for promotion get ready to excel into those things that I am releasing to you. This is not more wishful thinking or more of the same. There is a major shift coming to My church for those whose hearts are focused on Me, your Lord. This is the time for advancement. Kingdom strategies, and wisdom are being released in the days ahead.

I will release those things that will help you advance into your Kingdom destiny which I have spoken over you. There will be a release of Kingdom finances that will help lay the groundwork for Kingdom advancement. Many things are going to be restored that have been stolen from you. I will render My justice over the enemy, and he will repay what has been stolen from you.

I am the Lord, and there is no one like Me. What I decree, and declare will come to pass. Who can challenge Me? I am the creator of all creation, and My words will come to pass. There is no higher authority.

Be at peace, My loved ones. Know that your heavenly father has been, and will be faithful to you to carry out all that I have spoken over you. Know that you are loved, and the best is yet to come. Get ready for Kingdom greatness, My children. Hallelujahs, and jubilation  are at hand.


Daddy God

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