Great favor and recompense are coming your way. I am releasing many things to My children that will bring them into Kingdom focus. A multitude of healing that will restore the faith of those who have been on the verge of giving or have given up. I am the one who brings My Kingdom to earth. Great favor is being released to My children. They will have My favor, and that of man. My creation will know that My favor rests upon My people. Get ready to do great exploits that can only be done with My favor over you.

I will remove those things that have kept you from moving forward in the past. I will bring recompense to those things that the enemy has stolen from you. You are entering into a time of great release that will propel you forward into your Kingdom destiny. My plans, and purposes for you will go forward. You have My word on it!

As your Lord, I am duty bound to fulfill My words over you. I will execute, and follow-through with what I have spoken over you. The days of waiting are coming to a close. Your Jordan is just ahead. Get ready to cross over, My loved ones. Do not be afraid for if I am for you who can stand against you? As I told Joshua before he crossed over, “Be strong and courageous”, Joshua 1:6, and now I am telling you, “Be strong and courageous”. I am going before you, and in the days ahead you will see this. I am removing those things that have been standing against My Kingdom.

I am the Lord, and what I decree and declare will come to pass. My words over you will stand, and come to completion. So be encouraged, My children, for your days ahead will be filled with My favor and recompense.


Daddy God

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