My children, are you ready to receive? I am calling you out of the wilderness. It is time to cross your Jordan into what I have spoken over you. I have prepared you for this time.

It is not a coincidence that you are here at this time. I have chosen you to help bring My Kingdom to the nations. Your assignment is important no matter how it may look to you whether you see it as small or large. I am the one who will tell you, “Well done good and faithful servant”, for I know what I have spoken over you. It may look unimportant to you, but I tell you, as your Lord, your obedience is important no matter the size of your assignment.

I have called you together as a  body. As you know a body has many working parts, and one needs another to function. You are the body of Christ. I want you to love, and honor one another. There is no such thing in My Kingdom as someone who is valueless. I love, and cherish all of My children, and I value them all. You are called to love. That is the most important thing that you can do for one another. I want you to see, and know the value that I put on you and others. It is as the parable of the lost sheep. I will seek out the lost, and bring them into My fold.

I love My Church and creation, and the plans and purposes for both are far reaching. This next season will be one that will reach a multitude of My creation that will come to know My heart. I will confront the lies of the enemy, and speak My truth over those lies.

You, and My creation will know My love language of truth for I am a God who loves His creation. You are on the verge of Kingdom greatness. Be encouraged.


Daddy God

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