My children, the days of Kingdom opportunities are at hand. Great days of Kingdom advancement are being implemented even as I speak these words to you. You may not see them yet, but they are there.

I have called you to Kingdom greatness. My plans, and purposes for you are two-fold. One is to bring you into a place of Holy wholeness. This is a place that you can operate out of with total confidence as My sons and daughters. The second is advancement of My Kingdom. I will be giving you opportunities that will bring great advancement of My Kingdom. These assignments of opportunities will vary, but each one is important no matter how they may look to you.

Your assignments will come with plans, and strategies that will help you accomplish your Kingdom assignments. This will not be a guessing game. You will have Kingdom clarity as to what you should do, and when, and where to do it. I will give you the necessary things to accomplish what I have given you to do. This is a time of Kingdom release of those things that will bring you into alignment with your Kingdom destiny. I am determined to bring about all that I have spoken over you in the days ahead. You can trust Me in this for I am a God of My word.

I have called you to greatness, My loved ones. What I am about to do will be a game changer for many in My Church, and creation. Get ready for Kingdom activation, My children, for great opportunities are coming your way.


Daddy God

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