The time is right. Fruition (enjoyment, state of bearing fruit, realization, accomplishment) is at hand.

My children, it is time. In the days ahead I, your father God, am releasing much, and many things to bring you into alignment with your Kingdom destiny. It’s time, My children, to look up and behold the goodness and faithfulness of your father. I’m bringing radical change to your circumstances and situations that will launch you into your Kingdom destiny.

Walls will fall, gates will open, and the path cleared for those who are seeking My Kingdom ways. This is not more of the same. Your destiny is far more than you can ask or imagine. As I have stated before, your latter days will be far greater than your former days. It is a time of new beginnings of open doors of great opportunities to bring My Kingdom to the forefront. Do not be afraid to step out for I am equipping you to do great things for My Kingdom. I have spoken over you, and your destiny.

You, My children, have My love and favor. Be of good cheer for the days of release are upon you. I have called you to be great warriors along the lines of King David. I’m putting into you a spirit of greatness. Your true identity of what it is to be sons, and daughters of the most high God.

You are My children, and you are My delight. Get ready for greatness for where I am taking you will be beyond anything you thought was possible.


Daddy God

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