It’s a now time. A season of rebuilding, and release. I am rebuilding the hopes of My children. I am releasing those things that I have spoken over them. The destiny things that I have spoken over you before you were born. You are entering into My Kingdom age for My creation. This is the time that calls for a true commitment of your heart towards Me, your Lord. I have called you to a higher destiny that will bring many into My Kingdom. Your destiny is at hand. Do not give up now. Stay the course. Do not believe the enemy. He is saying it will never happen, but I tell you it’s here, and it is now.

In the days ahead, you will see a shifting. This shifting will bring about things that will put you in line with your Kingdom assignments. This is My plan for you to accelerate you into your Kingdom positions. Your latter days are going to be greater than your former days. I am positioning you for success, not defeat. I have only one plan, and that is victory. The victory I am talking about is eternal. You will have battles, but they will lead to eternal victory. Everyone in My Kingdom is in on this. My hosts of heaven, My angels, and you, My Church.

My children, you do not see and know what I know. I see and know it all. Nothing’s hidden from Me, and I tell you with full authority that if you follow Me, and My ways you will have victory. Know this that as your Heavenly Father you are greatly loved, and I intend to take you all the way into eternal victory.


Daddy God

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