The time is quickly coming for lightening days that will leave you with lightening daze. That is how quickly I will act, My children. It is going to be swift and sure, and one after another. I am about to release things that have been pent up or delayed. There is much to release, and it will come swiftly and surely. It will come in many ways, and many forms. They are designed differently to fit each prayer that has been lifted up to Me. I have not forgotten or ignored your prayers, My children. I have heard you, and will reply for I am a God of My word.

In the days ahead you will see Me act on your prayers, and petitions that have come up before Me. The days of healing, and restoration are at hand. I am going to bring into your life those things that will propel you into your kingdom destiny. This is not wishful thinking. It is part of My strategy to take you where you need to be for the days ahead.

You are being promoted into your kingdom positions. This means that you are heart ready to receive what I have for you. You are totally submitted to My agenda for your life. You are committed to My will for you. This is what will qualify you for My lightening days that will change your current circumstances. It’s going to be quick and sure, and the answers that I have for you are a custom fit for you individually, and corporately. It will come as a storm, and it will rain and rain. No more drought as you have seen in California. I am the “drought buster”, the river of life.

It’s coming, and coming soon My children, for I am the Lord of life.


Daddy God

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