The tide is turning for My children. Turnabout is about to happen.

You have been waiting in the waiting rooms. You have been waiting for the birth of those things that I have spoken over you, and others. The doctor is about to come out and say, “Congratulations”. It is an outpouring of healing and restorations that have been spoken over you. I, My children, am that doctor. I will deliver those things that I have spoken over you.

It is time, My children, for your promotion into Kingdom positions that have been designed expressly for you. I am committed to bring this about in your lives. I will come through in ways that will leave you breathless. Your faith is about to take off, and fly as the eagles fly.

I am the Lord, and I will come through for you, and My creation. You are about to set out on the greatest adventure you have ever experienced in your lives. Do not be afraid, because what I am doing will give you courage to do what looks impossible to this world.

Remember, I am the one who makes the impossible possible. I am going to move in ways that will leave the enemy stunned. This is the time, My loved ones. It’s here, and it is time to press in and press on. Press into Me, My loved ones, and I will give you the power to press on. Get ready to get on with My Kingdom.

It’s showtime. You are much loved, and I will deliver all that I have spoken over you. It will no longer be delayed, but it is being birthed, and delivered to those whose hearts are for My Kingdom.


Daddy God

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