My children, get up and get ready! I am the Lord, and I am about to release things that will rock your world, literally. What I am releasing will shake things that need to be shaken. There is going to be a “shaking out” of things that have kept My Church from moving into the destiny I have called her to.

I am removing barriers that blocked you, and My Church, from achieving those things that I have spoken over you. This is something that will happen soon, and suddenly. Some of you are saying, “I have heard this before”, but I tell you, “This is the real deal”.

My truth, at this moment, is destroying the walls of lies that the enemy has spoken over you. Do not be in agreement with these walls of lies, but accept and  believe My truth that frees you and others for the destiny that I have spoken over you.

You are a mighty army of God. Do not be afraid for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of boldness that will set My creation free. My love and truth will defeat those things that are not of My Kingdom. Be at peace, My children. I am going to do all that I have spoken over your life. I am not slack in doing this for I am a God who keeps His word.

Do not grow weary in doing good for a great reward is coming to those who follow My Son Jesus, and who are obedient to My ways. This is not fluff and stuff, but it is a solid promise from Me, your Lord. I will follow through, and it is soon, very soon. Know this that you are My child, and I intend to do all I have spoken over you.


Daddy God

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