Concentrate: 1. To gather into one body, mass, or force. 2. To make less dilute. 3. To fix ones powers, efforts, or attentions on one thing.

Consecrate: 1. To induct into an office with a religious rite. 2. To make or declare sacred. 3. To devote solemnly to a purpose.

The days of sitting on the sidelines are over. It is time, My Bride, to step into your destiny. I have called you to a higher place. A place that is concentrated, consecrated Kingdom.

I am about to purify My Church. I am calling her out of her complacency and apathy. Many are being transformed even as I speak these words. This will not be a long dragged out affair. It will be sudden, and swift. It will be as if someone turned on a light switch. This light I am bringing will illuminate My Church. You will be a light that will attract many to Me, your father creator. The purpose of this is to bring as many as possible into My eternal kingdom.

This is a push to bring My eternal truth to those who are lost. My truth will free many who are bound up by the lies of the enemy. My truth will erase the fear and confusion that many are going through in this current season. I have called many to this kingdom push, but this will require a total commitment of your life to Me, your Lord. Some are ready. Some are not. The choice is yours to make.

My children do not settle for less. Lay up eternal treasures in My kingdom that will not decay or be taken from you. Choose wisely for where I want to take you will be far beyond anything you thought would be possible. I am speaking, and breathing life over those things that you see as impossible, or that you have given up on. What I have spoken over you I will follow-through with because I am a God of My word.


Daddy God

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