Get ready My children. Get ready for it is time to begin. My Kingdom is at hand. Change is coming to My Church as you have never experienced it before. This nation of America will also see change.

I am taking both My Church, and the nations back to their roots. I am the one who plants nations, and I also uproot nations. It is My heart that all I plant will grow and thrive. Nations as well as people have hearts. I look at the hearts of nations as well as people. I am more than able to mend the heart of a nation, to turn them back toward their creator, but My Church needs to do her part in this.

I have called My Bride to a higher place. I have called you to lay down your agendas, and take up My agenda. Where I am taking you will affect towns, cities, states, and nations. In order to do this you need to follow Me, your Lord. It is time, My Church, to pick up your cross and follow Me for I am taking you on a path that will lead to total victory for My Kingdom. If you choose to follow Me I will enable you to do things that are well beyond anything you thought possible.

I love My creation, and I want as many as possible to have an eternal relationship with Me their creator father. I am after the hearts of nations and peoples of this world. This, My Church, is where I am taking you. You are called to go out into the world and proclaim the good news of My love, and salvation for those who are seeking My truth.

I am a good God, and I love My creation. That is why I sent My Son, Jesus, to be the bridge that gives eternal life.


Daddy God

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