Fruition: 1. Enjoyment. 2. The state of bearing fruit. 3. Realization.

Complete: 1. Having no part lacking. 2. Ended. 3. Fully realized.

I am the Lord, and what I put into place stays in place. The enemy, as hard as he may try, will not stay My hand. My plans, and purposes are on a fast track, and they will not be derailed by man or the enemy. I have put him, (the enemy), on notice that his time is short. It is time, My Church, to come into true unity that is  based on love, and honor for each other. This is something that is needed in My body. I am going to assist you in this by My Spirit. I will heal the rifts, and wounds of My body, and bring true unity to her for she is My Bride. What I declare, and decree will come to pass for I am the Lord. I am out to bring as many into My Kingdom as possible. Those who are looking for Me I will not disappoint.

I love My creation. I made it for My pleasure to have relationship with My creation. This is My Father’s heart toward those who seek Me. I know the hearts, and minds of My creation. I cannot be conned or fooled. I see, and know exactly where they are, and where they are going. Nothing is hidden from Me.

I will be faithful to those who seek Me. I am telling you “look up” for your redemption is at hand. Those things that have been spoken over you by My Holy Spirit are coming into fruition. I will see to it that all I have spoken over you comes into completion, even those things you have forgotten about. I am faithful to My word, and faithful to carry it out.

Be of good cheer, My loved ones, for I will see it through  because I love you.


Daddy God

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