My children, I know that many of you are discouraged, and down. I, your heavenly Father, have not forgotten your prayers or those things that I have spoken over you. The enemy wants you to give up, and throw in the towel for you are in a fight, but I tell you you are kingdom champions, and you will never give up, and throw in the towel. I, your Lord, have your back, and best interest in mind.

I back champions. Have you not heard of Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, Daniel, and the many others? I have had My champions throughout history, but this generation is a champion generation. I have raised you up to be champions of My kingdom. I know because I said so. I have spoken the heart of a champion  over you, and My word will stand, and will come to pass. The enemy is very afraid of this, and has been trying to discourage you,  but he cannot stop it for I have made it a certain thing. What I decree and declare is a certain thing.

So, My children, do not fear for you have not missed it or done something wrong. Know that it is with a father’s heart that I speak over you with a great love. I know that you are not perfect beings, but it is with great care and love that I mold you into champions. It is by My grace, and mercy that this is taking place. I have a plan, and purpose for you.

Do not give up for your champion days are ahead of you. It is not an impossible thing for Me to do no matter how you see yourself or your circumstances. Remember, I am your loving creator who has your best interest at heart. Trust Me to bring it about.


Daddy God

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