I am about to move in ways that will astound (to fill with bewildered wonder), and amaze (to overwhelm with wonder), My people and creation. I am a God of wonder. My thoughts and ways are higher than that of My creation. Remember, I am the one who put things in order so that you can exist. This goes for the seen, and unseen.

I am higher than the plots, and plans of the enemy. They do not catch Me by surprise, or make Me wring My hands in worry. So it should be for you, My children. I am greater than your problems, and circumstances. I have ways to bring answers to those things that you cannot comprehend. I do not see in part. I see the whole picture. When I bring answers it is for the greatest good that will not only effect you, but also those around you. This is a witness of My heart toward My children, and creation for I am a good God. My heart is for your greater good even though you may not see it in some of the answers I bring.

Expect to see answers to prayer coming in a rapid progression in the coming days. I will respond in a way that will leave you breathless, bewildered, and astonished. I have heard and seen, and I will respond for as surely as there are stars in My heaven you will witness, and experience the wonders of the Lord. I am He who holds everything together who brings peace to chaos, who restores and heals the downtrodden. I will bring My love, and justice to those who seek Me.

You are the apple of My eye! I created you for relationship as My son or daughter. You are a delight to Me. As your Heavenly Father I sent My Son, Jesus, so you can be adopted into My family through Him. You are highly valued, and My heart is to have you with Me throughout eternity.


Daddy God

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