It’s time, My Beloved, to rise up to the destiny that I have called you to. The time is prime for a release of those things that will move you, and equip you for the days ahead.

The harvest is ready. Many are looking for hope. Many are looking for answers. I am their hope and answer. You are to be an extension of My love toward the lost. You are the salt, and the light of this world.

Through My Church I will bring many into My Kingdom. This extension must first begin in My house. There must be an extension of love between each of you for one another. A unity of love between My body. The world must see this in My body. This is what sets you apart, and is a testimony to the hearts and minds for those who are looking for answers. They will see that the love you have for one another is real, and not just an act. I am going to restore genuine love to My Church.

I am going to take out what needs to be taken out, and put in what needs to be put in. I am going to be doing a lot of heart surgery in My Church on an individual and corporate level. This requires your all. Are you ready to submit to this surgery, and My ways? Through My ways I will take you where you need to be. Know this, loved ones, where I take you will be beyond anything you thought would be possible.

I am about to pour out things that will rock your world, and change the way you perceive and think about things. I am taking you out of wilderness thinking, and into Kingdom thinking.


Daddy God

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