Definition: (1) An extraordinary event manifesting a supernatural work of God. (2) An unusual event, thing, or accomplishment, wonder, marvel.

It’s a miracle! These are the words that will be repeated again and again in the coming days. I am about to do things that will astound My Church, and creation.

The nations will shake their heads in bewilderment, and say, “What is this?” Everything will appear topsy-turvy, and out-of-order to them, but what I am bringing is order. I am bringing My Kingdom alignment to those things that are out-of-order with My truth. I am bringing judgement to those things that do not line up with My truth. I am about to turn things on their heads.

There is going to be a shaking in My Church, and creation that will bring things about. It will bring true alignment to My Church, and creation. This shaking is My truth that will bring justice to those things that are not of My Kingdom. In My Church the things of man, and the enemy will fall away. All that will be left is My truth. My truth will prevail. It cannot be stopped or vanquished. My truth is the love, and commitment that I have for My Church, and creation that you do not stand alone, but you have a Heavenly Father who is seeking relationship with those He loves.

I want you to trust Me in these shakings that are coming. Know that My truth is a firm foundation that you can rely on. My love and promises will stand, and they will come through for you. Do not be afraid. Look to Me. Keep your focus on Me, your Heavenly Father.

I will be your source in the coming days. You can trust Me to be your all in all. Know that My love for you is true, and reliable.


Daddy God

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