Get ready church. Get ready loved ones. Get ready for the shift. Get ready for acceleration into the things I have spoken over you. Limitations are about to be lifted and shifted. I am about to release many things to My Church that will change how church is done. You will no longer be a church in the box, but a church out of the box. I am removing barriers, and fears that have kept My Church from operating at her full potential. This is for those who are sold out to Me, their Heavenly Father.

The desire of My children is to follow My Son Jesus into their Kingdom destinies. These are the ones who will taste and see the reality of My Kingdom. These are the ones who I can trust with power and authority from on high. They are ready to receive, because of where their hearts are. They have gone as far as they can, and now they are trusting Me to take them where they need to be to enter into all that I have for them.

They realize and have declared their dependence on Me, their Lord, that I am the truth, and the way. They know that in order to receive from Me they must become like new wineskins to receive the new wine that I have for them. They are open to being transformed into true sons and daughters of the most high God. They have laid  down their own agendas for their lives, and now are trusting Me with their futures. This is required in order to enter into the destiny that I have spoken over you. You cannot do this with “works” or leaning into your own wisdom, and understanding. It requires trusting Me, and resting in the goodness of your Heavenly Father that I am the fulfillment of your Kingdom destiny.


Daddy God

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