I am the Lord, and what I say will stand. What I have spoken over you, and others, will stand. My words are a power unto themselves, because I am the author and finisher of your destiny, and the destiny of My creation. There is no higher authority. No one else comes close to My authority. I stand alone. No other being can challenge My authority.

What I have spoken over you will come to pass. This authority that I stand on is based on love for I am a God of love. Love is what My whole Kingdom is based on. My love is an overcomer that strikes fear into the kingdom of the enemy.

I am teaching My children to love. I am teaching them to love themselves so they are able to love others. I want My children to know My love for them, and how I see them. They are of great value to Me as I sent My Son (Jesus) as a Kinsman Redeemer for them. You can trust My love for it is solid and true. I will not trick you or shame you into loving Me. The choice is yours to make whether to receive Me or to reject Me.

In the coming days you will need a solid love to stand on. The only place you will find that is in relationship with Me. My love is a sure thing. It is unconditional, and holds no grudges. I loved you before you were conceived, and I will love you throughout your life, and right into eternity.

Soon you will see things come to pass in your lives that seem impossible to you. This is an extension of My love for you. My heart is to love you, and as many into My Kingdom as possible for I am a God of love.


Daddy God

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