My children, as your Heavenly Father I am speaking SO BE IT! These are the words I am speaking over you, and the destiny I have for you. You are entering into a SO BE IT! season.

Those whose hearts and minds are centered on Me, and My Kingdom I say to you SO BE IT! Those things that have been delayed or stolen from you I will restore. I am speaking life over those things that look unredeemable to you. There are things in your lives that have been forgotten, but I, your Lord, remembers. I have kept an account on your behalf. The prayers, and petitions that have been laid at My feet I have not forgotten.

I have gone back through the generations, and I have gathered those things that have been stolen from your forefathers that were meant to glorify My Kingdom, and I am releasing them to this generation. This is the season of restoration, and equipping of My saints for the greatest move that this earth has ever witnessed.

I am raising up My Church for this end-time push. The harvest is great, and I need My workers to go out, and bring in the harvest. I am speaking SO BE IT! over My Church and this harvest. This is a command that will not be revoked.

The time is now, My children, to step up to your destiny. I have called you to greater things. Do not settle for less.


Daddy God

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