Clear the decks. Get ready for action. It is time, My children, to wake up to the reality of My Kingdom. I am on the move.

In the next couple of months I am going to move in a dramatic way to move My Church into a position of Kingdom reality. Your focus is still on the things of this world, but I am about to show you the reality of My Kingdom. What I am bringing will be a focus-changer. I will manifest in such a way that the proof of My Kingdom will be undeniable.

I am calling you, My Church, to higher things. This calling is for the committed. For those who have decided to take up their cross and follow Me. The power and authority that I am about to release will require this. Those in an uncommitted position will not be able to participate in what I am bringing. What I am bringing will require total commitment to Me, your Lord.

My Children, it is time to rise up into your Kingdom destiny. What I am bringing is a game-changer. What used to work will not be compatible with what I am bringing. You must not let your past define your future.

I am doing a new thing. I am a creative God, and I have new things to give you. You are moving into a new season that will bring change in the way you look at things. It is a new reality going from the temporal to the eternal. Priorities will be changed in the coming days. Your value views will change. I will give you clarity to see and know the ways of My Kingdom.


Daddy God

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