Ready or not it’s coming. My Kingdom, My will, and My way will be established on this earth. I have called you out to become My Bride. It is time, My Church, to wake up!

I have called you to a greater love. With this love I will give you greater authority. This love and authority will require your all. It is time to surrender it all, and follow Me into your Kingdom destiny. I am more than able to restore what needs to be restored. I am more than able to equip you for the season ahead. I am more than able to heal you body, soul, and spirit.

I AM THAT I AM. My word will stand, and come to pass. This is not more of the same. I am going to establish My Kingdom here on earth, because it belongs to Me. My heart is that all peoples would come into relationship with Me, but I give them free will, and I will not violate that. I want their hearts to come into alignment with My heart so they will understand how I see them; that they will know that they are truly loved by their Heavenly Father.

It is time, My children, to come to attention. Do not be distracted by lesser things that have no eternal value. Your focus needs to be on My son, Jesus, because He is the head of My Church. He is your Commander-in-Chief. He will lead you to your Kingdom destiny. Trust Him to take you to places that you think are unattainable. He has the authority to open what needs to be opened, and close what needs to be closed. This is the time, My children, to wake up for My Kingdom is at hand.


Daddy God

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