I am about to pull the plug of complacency that has kept My Church from fulfilling her Kingdom destiny. I am going to move in such a way that it will remove the fog of complacency, and apathy that has enveloped My Church. I am going to burn away this fog in a manner that will get My people’s attention. I want My Church to wake up.

It is time to take up your cross and follow Me. No more delays. No more waiting on Me to come, and take you to heaven. I am bringing heaven to earth. I am sending My angels, My healing, and My resources to My Church to take back what is Mine. I have called you to a destiny of victory.

A siege mentality is exactly what the enemy wants you to remain in so you will not move into the destiny that I have called you to. I am bigger than anything that the enemy or man can bring against My Church. I laugh at their efforts to stop Me. My children, put your trust in Me, and let Me lead you into the greatest Kingdom movement that this earth has ever experienced. The days of sitting on your hands is finished.

It is time, My children, to wake up and realize that My Kingdom is on the move. This is not the time for holding back. I have called you to greater things, and it is time to move forward in them. This requires a total commitment to follow Me. Your heart must come into alignment with Mine.

My children, do not be afraid for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of peace. Commit to My Kingdom movement, and let Me take you into the destiny that I have called you to before the beginning of time.


Daddy God

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