If you want to be an overcomer it requires love, specifically My love. My love is true. There are no conditions in it. It is always steady and true. I don’t withhold it from anyone, and it is always there. It’s My love that holds this world together.

Despite what you see going on around you it is My love that will vanquish the kingdom of the enemy. I have called you, My children, to walk in My love. It is the true center of My will. I am bringing My love to My Church, and creation on a level that has never been seen or experienced before. My love will permeate My Church in such a way that it will wash out the impurities that have kept her from becoming all I have called her to be.

My love is purifying. It heals and restores. It brings unity and peace to the hearts of My children. It restores hope to those who seek it. My love is all powerful. It is My true nature. My love is the “fix” this world needs. There is no higher high than My love. My love is always available for those who seek it.

I am a loving Heavenly Father who wants to have relationship with My creation. It was in love that I created this universe, and this world. As your creator I am calling you to a higher place of love. I am extending that love to you, and inviting you to the center of My will through My Son, Jesus.


Daddy God

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