Definition: Result, importance, effect, outcome, significance

In the days ahead the choices you make will carry with it consequences that will determine your destiny. This is the time that the path you choose to take will effect the outcome of your personal destiny.

I have called many to their Kingdom destiny, but each one has to make their own choice as to what direction they want to go. This is the time, My Church, to choose wisely. Do not be deceived or be lulled into thinking that nothing is going to change. My Kingdom is on the move. It is a juggernaut that will not be stopped. It is time, My children, to pay attention for what is coming carries consequences.

There will be more shaking of those things that are the underpinnings of this world’s systems. I am going to shake out the temporal things in the lives of My children. In exchange, I will give them things that will have eternal value. There is a choice in this as to which path you choose to take. It requires giving Me your all, and trusting Me to take you where you need to be.

I will carry out all I intend to do on this earth, and nothing will keep Me from doing this. There is nothing too “BIG” for Me, your Lord, to handle. Do not believe the lies of the enemy, because I am more than able to overcome all obstacles that you see in your life that are trying to keep you from entering into the destiny that I have spoken over you.

This is the beginning of great things for My Church and creation. I have called you to greater things. Do not settle for the lies of the enemy. Enter in, My beloved. Trust Me with your all. Let Me be Lord of your life.


Daddy God

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