Definition: To make or become pure or clear.

I am bringing clarification to My Church. I am going to “make clear” to My children how I see them. I am going to reveal My love to them in a way that they have never experienced before. I am going to “make pure” the hearts of My people. I am going to give them a pure heart that reflects My love toward them, and others. I am going to clarify their destiny. I will reveal to them that what I have spoken over them is real and true. I am going to restore their joy and zeal for the things of the Lord. I am going to restore relationships that look impossible to restore. I am going to bring to these relationships true unity. This will be done on an individual and corporate level. I am going to do things that will bring change to your circumstances, and situations in all areas of your life that need a touch from Me.

I am out to cleanse the hearts of My people to give them a true perspective of what Kingdom life is all about. I will instill in them the true nature of My heart toward them, and My creation. I am out to heal and restore. To bring life back to those dry bones by speaking My truth and love over them.

You are entering into a season of true restoration. This is not more of the same. The days ahead will be life-changing to many as I speak My truth and love over them. It is coming, loved ones. You can count on it.


Daddy God

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