What I am giving you to do is well beyond anything that you are able to do in the natural. This cannot be done by your own abilities, talents, or education. What I am bringing is a Kingdom Manifestation. In the natural it is not possible, but through My spirit all good things are possible.

The days of programs, and manmade activities are coming to a close for My Church. The old ways will not work with My new ways. They are not compatible. I am bringing a new season that is spirit-led. It requires a close relationship with Me, your Lord. It is a case of not what you know, but of who you know. To know Me is true wisdom. To follow Me, and My ways will release those things that have been set aside for a time such as this. This requires laying down your life, picking up your cross and following Me. I am setting up My Church to become all I have called her to be. This is the beginning of the beginning of My Kingdom age. The harvest is ready, and the workers are few. I am raising up workers whose hearts and minds are focused on Me, and My Kingdom.

In the days ahead I will be promoting them to become all that I have spoken over them. This is not a far off thing. I know many have been waiting for a long time, and have asked Me, “When, Lord, when?” I say to you your wait is over. Those doors that have been closed to you are opening. The obstacles are being removed that have kept My children from moving into their Kingdom destinies. This is the time, My children, for My truth and love overcomes all.


Daddy God

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