Definition: Notably unusual or exceptional.

In the days ahead there will be extraordinary things that will come to pass. Extraordinary will become the norm in the days ahead for My Church. I have called My people to be extraordinary in the things of My kingdom. This is the time, My Church, to rise up into what you have been created to be; the light and salt of the world. You are to speak My truth to those things that look impossible to overcome. My truth has ultimate power, and authority over the lies of the enemy. You will bring down the strongholds of the enemy through My truth.

In the days ahead I will release revelation that will turn the tide for My Church, and creation. My children, do not fear. I have not given up on My Church or creation. Do not let those things that you see going on around you in this world effect your understanding of the times. My light is much greater than the darkness you see around you. I am the answer, and the ultimate authority at all times. I am the one who created time. There is nothing that takes Me by surprise. My truth is love, and it is much greater than anything that the enemy can come up with.

Be at peace, loved ones. I’ve got this, and I’ve got you. Your days ahead will be extraordinary for My plans and purposes will come to pass. They cannot be stopped by man or the enemy. Trust Me, My children, to bring this to pass for My truth and love always wins out in the end.


Daddy God

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