Style:  Manner or method of acting or performing as sanctioned by some standard. A distinctive or characteristic manner. Overall excellence, skill, or grace in performance, manner, or appearance.

Get ready for a new style. A style that will get the job done. This style is how it is done in My Kingdom. There is no flip-flopping or maybe’s in this style. This is AC/DC. Alternating current, and direct current. The alternating is My power coming to you, and your praises coming to Me. The direct current is the authority that I am giving you to address issues that I, your Lord want you to address. The important thing here is that you stay focused on Me.

I will give you assignments that you are to carry out, and I will back you with full power and authority. In order to do this you must walk in love, and true humility. You need to give Me all praise and glory in every assignment for I have spoken victory over you. You need to remember who is the source of these victories, and give Me the glory.

I am not raising up what was. I am raising up what is, and what is to come. The time is now, My beloved, to rise up to your destiny. I have called you to greater things. Don’t let the seen keep you from the unseen. Don’t let it define your future for the unseen is the greater reality.

I have spoken your future over you. It is good, and it’s about to become your reality. Don’t give up, but hang on for activation of My Kingdom style.


Daddy God

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