I am about to turn your night into day, your mourning into praise, your sadness into joy.

My children, My promises and plans for you are more than you could ask for or imagine. I am not constrained by your circumstances or situations whether it would be at a personal or corporate level. I am about to release things that will address the issues in your life that have kept you from fulfilling the destiny that I have spoken over you. I am more than able to do this. What looks impossible to you is nothing for Me to change.

I have called you to a higher place, and I am the one who will take you there. Your job in this is to trust Me. Let Me be Lord of your life in all areas of your life. Surrender them to Me, loved ones. Let Me be the healing balm that will bring the necessary changes in your life to put you in line with your Kingdom destiny.

The days of complacency and apathy are coming to a close. I have called you to a greater destiny than the one you want to settle for, but it’s your choice as to which one you will follow. One leads to Kingdom life, and the other to disappointment.

It is time to wake up, My children. Your calling is to do great things for My Kingdom. Things that will bring you and others blessing and healing for the glory of My Kingdom. The choice is yours to make.


Daddy God

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