This is the season of transformation, My children. I am at work bringing change to your circumstances, and situations. The dam that has been built by the enemy to hold back what I have for you is about to break. He (the enemy) cannot contain what I am bringing. He is going down to certain defeat.

I am about to bring amazing healing, and restoration to My Church, and creation. I will bring true unity to relationships that will extend to levels that you thought were impossible. I will heal the hearts of many who have been wounded by actions that were done to them unjustly. I am out to bring justice to those things that have brought harm to My children. I am speaking My truth over their circumstances, and situations. They are about to change, loved ones. You are about to see your Heavenly Father respond to pent-up prayers and intercession. I have not missed anything.

I have seen and heard your cries, loved ones, and I will respond with My truth and justice. Be at peace. Do not be afraid for I am for you, and with you. The things you see going on around you that are unjust, and bring division, I will address. Remember, My child, I am He who is more than able to handle any circumstances or situations on an individual level, corporate level, or national level.

I love you, and My heart for you is for your ultimate good. Just praise Me, loved ones, for I inhabit the praises of My people, and I will respond to it.


Daddy God

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