The activation of My plans and purposes for My Church and creation are at hand. I am speaking activation to those things that have been stored up for the sole purpose of My end-time harvest. I am on the move, and I will prove Myself to My Church on an individual level, a corporate level, and on a national level. I am about to move in such a way that it will astonish My elect, and My creation. I am going to bring the reality of My Kingdom to the forefront. I am going to speak loudly and plainly to the hearts and minds of My people, and creation. There will be no confusion in this. It will be a reality that no one can ignore. My Church, and creation will witness the power and the authority of the one true God, and I am He. This is not fiction or wishful thinking. It is a true reality, and I will prove it.

I am He who created all that you see around you. The earth is Mine, and all that is in it. The stars and planets that you see at night those, too, are Mine. I created time and eternity. I created all! I am the one who determines the destinies of nations and peoples. The one thing that I will not do is violate your choice of who you choose to trust with your life.

I urge you to choose wisely for this will determine your ultimate destiny. Come to Me, My children. It is I who loves you and wants to heal you. My thoughts and plans towards you are for your ultimate good.

Trust Me, your creator, with your lives for I will do more than you could ask for or imagine.


Daddy God

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