I am bringing advancement to those who are heart ready. Releases of these advancements have already begun. I am promoting those as I see as “Kingdom fit”. Not all will receive these advancements that I am activating.

My children, I want to promote as many as possible into their Kingdom destiny, but a choice must be made on your part to trust Me, and to surrender your all to Me your Lord. I know your heart loved ones, and I will respond according to what I see there. I will bring healing and help to those who truly want to pursue My Kingdom.

I want My Church to become the beauty that I created her to be without spot or wrinkle. It calls for her to be totally devoted to Me. That there are no other distractions in her life that would draw her away from Me. I want the best for My children, but I cannot give them things that would bring harm to them because of where their heart is. This movement that I am bringing requires total devotion to Me in order for you to be able to walk in it.

Advancement requires full devotion. There are no shortcuts in this, and no exceptions in this. The only way is My way, and My requirements. I love My Church, and I truly want her to be all I want her to be. In order for her to walk in the power and authority that I have given her, it will require love, a truly humble heart, and total surrender.


Daddy God

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