The days I am bringing you into will bring transition into your lives. This will be a time of being transformed in how you see and perceive Me as your Heavenly Father.

I have called you out of your preconceived ideas and thinking of what I am like. Some of your thinking is straight and true. Some of it is skewed. I am a good God. My plans and purposes for My Church and creation are for their ultimate good. I will bring change to the hearts and minds of My children. The intention of My heart is to bring My Kingdom wisdom and discernment to the hearts and minds of My children. This will release My truth into you, and give you the right balance in how you perceive Me as your God, and My intentions toward you. Your trust levels are going to go to a new level that is needed in order for you to fulfill your Kingdom destinies.

I am out to bring many into My Kingdom. Those who know of Me will come to know Me as their Heavenly Father who is for them, and who is trustworthy. I am out to transform My Church into the Bride of Christ. To call her out to her true destiny. This is the time, My loved ones. This is the time to rise and shine. This shine is a reflection of my glory.

It is time for My Church to move into the destiny that I have called her to. This is the time, My children, to be all that I have called you to be.


Daddy God

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