These are the words that My children will speak in the coming days. I am about to release many amazing things to My Church and creation. I am about to do things among you that will put wonder into your hearts and minds. Your faith meters are going to go beyond full. I am about to do things that only I can do. I do this for the sake of My Church and creation. This is My mercy and grace that I am pouring out upon you.

I have heard the prayers of My children. I have not forgotten My promises to you, and these I will bring as a flood. It will be a tsunami of answers to prayers that have been put up before Me. I have heard the prayers of My people, and I will respond. This is not wishful thinking, but it is My Kingdom reality. I am more than able to bring this about. This is not an impossible or a hard thing for Me to do.

I am for My children. You are a delight to Me. I am your Abba Father who loves you, and has many good things to give you. Your trust needs to be in Me for My plans and purposes for you are for your good. Let Me, your Heavenly Father, be the anchor in your life. Your firm foundation. Trust Me to take you beyond what you thought was possible. Let Me be the Lord of your life.


Daddy God

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