In the beginning, I am going to move with great purpose and swiftness. Those who choose to do My Kingdom work, and whose hearts are where they need to be I will anoint and equip. This thing that I am doing will change the way you do church. I am out to bring many into My Kingdom. I am going to streamline My Church. I am knocking off those things that have hindered her in the past. I am bringing a unity to her that cannot be shaken. The reason for this is because she is keeping her eyes and heart on Me, her Lord. I am her first love, and firm foundation.

The days of Elijah are here. I will give My people great resolve to move My Kingdom forward. They will speak to circumstances and situations, and they will move. I am giving My children the authority to move mountains. Those who have the authority to do this are walking in love and true humility. They know it is not about them. Their focus is on the heart of their Heavenly Father. Their resolve is to please Me in all that they do. They are driven by the heart of their Father. These are My children, and I am their Father. In these I am well pleased, and I will bless them in all that they do in the pursuit of My Kingdom. I am absolutely for them, and I will back them up with My whole being. They have My heart, and I have theirs. These are the ones who are in lockstep with Me. They are in tune with the heart of their Heavenly Father. These I can trust with Kingdom authority.

I know the hearts of My creation. I know who is, and who isn’t in tune with My heart. Only those whose hearts are in tune with Mine will I give the keys to My Kingdom.


Daddy God

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