My children, expect those things that I have spoken over you to come to pass. Your expectations will soon be a reality, but what I have for you is beyond your expectations. I am the one who has designed your destiny. I have defined what your future looks like. I am more than capable to do this. I am not limited in bringing this about. I have gone before you. I have designed and put in the necessary things to make your destiny a perfect fit for you.

My plans and purposes for you far exceed your expectations. I am taking you to your destiny in a way that will change the way you look at things. I am giving you My Kingdom perspective. I am enlarging your horizons. I have spoken to the limitations in your life. I am removing barriers that cause you to think small. I have prepared the way for you. You have nothing to fear for I am the way, the truth, and the life. Through Me all good things are possible. There is nothing about your circumstances that I cannot handle. I can and have made a way despite what you see going on around you, or what your circumstances are.

Prepare for a swiftness of seeing and experiencing the hand of your Heavenly Father clearing the path before you. This is not an idle boast. I have said it, and I will do it. I do mean business, and I will prove it.


Daddy God

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