In My Kingdom, I have laid up vast amounts of strategies and wisdom. They are strategies for what I am bringing. The wisdom will be released with the strategies. This wisdom will give you the knowledge on how to implement the strategies that I am going to release to My people. These are strategies that will turn the tide. My light is much greater than the darkness you see around you.

My children, you have nothing to fear. I am in this move, and I am more than enough to see this through to its completion. Remember, My loved ones, you are not alone in this. I am your strength and wisdom. Through Me you will not fail. My Kingdom is truly failsafe. There is no greater kingdom than mine. You can count on Me coming through for you. My promises and plans for you will come to pass, but you must trust Me in this and let Me lead you. You cannot make this happen in your own strength and wisdom. You need to partner with Me, your Lord, and let Me take you to your Kingdom destiny. My Kingdom will prevail despite what you see going on around you. I have set up this time so My Church can be equipped for the days ahead. Your equipping is at hand, and the things that I am going to release to you will give you the necessary tools to complete your Kingdom destiny.

Remember, loved ones, I can only equip those who are truly Kingdom ready. It’s your heart that will qualify or disqualify you for this Kingdom movement. Let Me, your Lord, heal your heart. Give Me your all, and see what I can do with it. It will be more than you can imagine or comprehend.


Daddy God

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