Fever: 1. A rise in body temperature. 2. A state of activity or heightened emotion. 3. A contagious transient enthusiasm. Fervor: 1. Intense heat. 2. Intensity of feeling or expression.

I am about to give My people a fever for the things of My Kingdom. This fever will melt away things in their lives that have no eternal value. Priorities are going to be changed. I am going to remove the lies that My people have come into agreement with. I am going to redefine what My people think success is on this earth. I am going to put into My people what I see as success. This success will be based on My Kingdom principles, and it has eternal value.

I am going to take My Church into a much higher level that she can only attain through the fever I will put on her. This new season that I am taking her into will require a total commitment to Me, her Lord.  As her Lord I will help her in this. I will give her amazing grace. My grace will cover My Church. Through this I can take her where she needs to be, to be Kingdom strong. When this happens My Church will have a fervor upon her that the enemy or man will not be able to stop.

My children, get ready for the fever. I am going to burn out those things that need to be burned out. In its place I will give you the keys to My Kingdom. These keys will release things that will bring My truth to My Church and creation. My truth brings healing to the nations both on a corporate level, and on an individual level. As your Father in heaven, I am quite capable to bring this about. This is not an impossibility for Me. I am the Lord of hosts, and what I declare and decree will come to pass.


Daddy God

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